Air plants are a great addition to any home! they do not require soil or direct sunlight and they get all of thier nutrients from dust particles in the air. They do however need to be waterd, you can do this by soaking or spraying your air plants.


For hot environments:

-Soak for 10 mins every two weeks (only recommended if the plants are dry)


-Lightly spray once a week


For cold environments:

-Soak for 10 mins every four weeks (only recommended if the plants are dry)


-Lightly spray twice per month


After watering, leave plants to dry upsidown in a well lit and ventilated spot.


Do not place plants in direct sunlight.


The biggest air plant killer is OVER WATERING. The base will turn black and the plant will die. The best thing to do is wait to water until the plant starts to curl or the tips of the leaves turn brown/ crispy, this will help prevent over watering.


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Yes! All our pots and accessories are made of concrete and then finished with an outdoor sealant.